▼ Total Quality Assurance to ensure tailored products and services to customer specific need ▼

The purpose of the Quality Policy is for our endeavours to improve quality on an ongoing basisQuality objectives are hereby laid out for each stage by the company pursuant to this policy in order to ensure our product quality live up to the expectation of our customers, which is the key to our performance evaluation in our quality management system. We shall continue our education and promotion of our quality policy to employees so that this policy is well understood and maintained, and this policy can be upheld as the supreme guideline for the quality management system of Enlightcorp.

▼Quality management system▼

ISO 9001:2008 version

▼Quality control and assurance▼

Incoming Quality Control, In Process Quality Control and Out-going Quality Control
Appointment and planning of quality management system representative
Process monitoring and auditing of quality management system
Establishment of product quality inspection standard and monitoring/control process Handling of customer complaint
Tracing of corrective and preventive actions for quality exception
Tracing of analytical data
Instrument calibration management


ISO 9001:2008 version certification

BSMI registration of certification for planar lights and recessed lights

UL E202358 QMMY2 certification

3C planar light certification

Energy Conservation Label  Planar light certification

FCC planar light and recessed light certification

CE planar light and recessed light certification

PSE recessed light certification

RoHs planar light and recessed light verification

▼Quality assurance flow chart▼

▼Company equipment▼

Laser cutting machine

Hot melt machine

Integrating sphere

Light distribution curve testing instrument

AC power supply

DC power supply

DC electronic load

Power meter


Electrical safety tester