Time of incorporation:


Corporate history:

▻ 2017 Developed sensitive light source range, which can be applied to light bulbs, planar light source and projection light.

▻ 2016 Developed in collaboration with European BELL & WYSON the RGB mood lights and IP camera monitoring light.

▻ 2015 Granted by Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs the Energy Conservation Label and developed in collaboration with European BELL & WYSON the LED light with smoke detector.

▻ 2014 Changed name to Enlightcorp Industry Co., Ltd.

▻ 2012 Headquarter and plant moved to 2F, No. 31, Ln. 17, Ziqiang N. Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City.

▻ 2011 Developed ultra-thin illumination and received certification from BSMI.

▻ 2006 Actively expanded large-screen LCD TV cases business and won acknowledgment from leading brands.

▻ 2005 The group successfully developed anodizing treatment, vacuum evaporation deposition and sputtering coating technologies.

▻ 2004 Thin Client and PVD technology was successfully developed.

▻ 2003 First personal digital multimedia audio/video device was brought to market. CML brand name was introduced, and Puro product line specializing in computer integrated digital products was born.

▻ 2002 Implemented and started using global logistic ERP system.

▻ 2001 OHSAS18001 certified.

▻ 2000 Orcale ERP system implemented. Stocks started traded on stock exchange.

▻ 1999 ISO14001 accredited.

▻ 1998 ISO9001 accredited.

▻ 1995 Won 1995 Outstanding Innovative Technology award.

▻ 1994 ISO9002 accredited.

▻ 1993 Started Initial Public Offerings (IPO).

▻ 1987 Started assembly of barebone, and burn-in testing was provided at the same time.

▻ 1985 Taipei plant established.

▻ 1982 Incorporated on 14th of Jan. this year.