OSRAM OSRAM chip, and through the Energy Department of the Ministry of Energy Energy Conservation Bullet.

High eye color, no flicker, no blue light, short circuit protection, 2 years warranty, finishing 70% energy saving, high quality manufacturing in Taiwan.

Fashion and environmental protection, light new ideas.

Unique and simple design, suitable for a variety of environments, eye blinking, more gentle light, dedicated to the user’s best visual experience.

Products – cutting-edge technology for lighting applications:

1. Solid aluminum: Seiko high-end aluminum, pressure wear is often easy to use rust, there is no need to worry about fading problems.

2. Nano light guide plate: high-quality nano-light guide plate, the light is more uniform, softer, translucent strong, no vignette, to maintain your good vision.

3. Ultra-thin design: cutting-edge material, unique design, 100% Taiwan production, safe and reliable, play a wonderful light furnishings.

4. Ouslang chip: high luminous rate, strong color, 100% reduction of color objects, LED chip energy saving and environmental protection.

5. Eye protection light: no blue light, no flicker, even light guide, light evenly distributed, not glare, health eye protection.

6. Environmental pollution: cooling, carbon reduction, long life.

7. High color: OSRAM chip high eye color, the closest to the natural sun color, showing the natural color of the items.